TVS Grinding Ltd. is a newly established ship repair company focused over the in-situ crankshaft grinding and equipped for in-situ machining and crankshaft repair of diesel and gas engines for any installation.

Engines today are exposed to heavy and continuously increasing load. As a consequense of operation under unfavourable conditions, wear of crankpin journals can occurs. Should one of the wear limits be reached, re-machining to the next standard undersize of the respective journals or pin is recommended. Deffective or damaged crankshaft, usually means that the whole engine needs to be extensively dismantled in order to eliminate the problem. Without the in situ machining option, crankshaft has to be sent to repair shop for machining, resulting in long delays and multiplied costs.

In situ machining is always beneficial wherever dismantling and transportation of the component in need of repair is difficult or uneconomical. On larger engines and journals, this allows our technicians to perform large-scale jobs in a fraction of the time of traditional grinding, oftentimes with a single cut fillet to fillet with the highest tolerances. We apply this technology to challenges in the marine, industrial, stationary power and offshore sectors. We repair damaged journals on any and all manner of rotating equipment including compressors, turbines and other shafts and journals.